Spending Extra Time On The Water

Last Sunday we headed up to one of our “slam dunk” waters with high expectations of what the day would bring. We even slept in a little, and after a 2-hour drive we arrived on location just as the fog burned off the lake, welcoming a beautiful sunny day that epic fishing days are made of. After unloading the gear and wadering up we hit the water running. We watched as some feeding fish took to the surface sipping small midges and a few BWO’s. Jumping into position we started making casts to rising fish and quickly realized it was a going to far from a slam-dunk. After an hour or so I started teaming up with Mason spotting for him awhile he casted to risers, he finally hooked up with an average sized brown on a size 20 sprite midge.

Soon after releasing the fish we caught up with the rest of the group and started covering water, 4 of the 5 of us were still yet to hook a fish. We continued fishing for several hours with nothing brought to hand and at this point it was late in the afternoon. Hunter found a small bunch of fish a little off the beaten path and landed a small but feisty rainbow swinging a leach into some moving water. Our friends that had come up with us decided to call it a day. The boys and I talked for a couple minutes deciding we’d hang around a continue fishing a little longer. As soon as our friends loaded in the car we moved a little further do the lake and Mason hooked up again, with another nice brown to hand, then another, I quickly switched back to the dry fly rig and started bombing dries, after a few casts I was rewarded with a nice brown followed by a fish that broke me off. All the while Mason continued to pull fish left and right.

Finally with darkness setting in we called it a day. We fished for over 8 hours that day with very little success until the very end. Keeping our heads focused and spending that extra time on the water finally equaled fish for each of us with a few extras going Mason’s way. Sometimes when your out and the fishing is slow take the extra time and maybe you’ll come home with a fish holding picture instead of an empty net.

-Kelcey Derrick

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